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Any tips on getting ds to sleep longer?

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onceipopicantstop Sun 28-Jul-13 07:18:33

3.5 year old ds has been an early riser for a long time, usually up between 530 and 6. We've kind of accepted that this is his natural waking time but recently he's been waking 430-5! He's wide awake and can't/won't go back to sleep. I'm NOT a morning person and am finding this really hard, plus am 8 weeks pregnant so even more tired than usual. We dont take him downstairs until at least 530 even if he wakes earlier but we're all awake as he's in bed with us, in and out of our room, talking non stop etc. I'm desperare for more sleep!! I'm grumpy, snappy and irritable with him because I'm so tired, and I hate feeling like this. Dh does his share of early starts but I would just like ds to sleep until a sensible time so we all feel better! On days he wakes early he's shattered and irritable by mid afternoon. Sometimes he'll end up napping. But even on days when we manage to keep him awake all day so he's exhausted by bedtime he doesnt sleep in! A later bedtime doesn't help either - he just wakes at the same time but is tired. His room is dark so its not a light issue.
We've tried a gro clock. He gets the idea but is just in and out every couple of minutes telling us if the sun is up yet. He's also realised that turning it off and back on again resets it to the sun face!!
I'm probably less tolerant at the moment due to pregnancy tiredness and hormones, but if anyone has any words if wisdom I'd be very grateful!

LizzyDay Sun 28-Jul-13 08:14:06

What time does he go to bed? You could try putting him to bed 10 mins later each night so that he gradually adjusts to the later bedtime, and hopefully eventually adjusts his waking time to when you want it to be? Good luck - on the bright side at least dawn and the bloody bird chorus is getting later now too so that might help!

Iheartcustardcreams Sun 28-Jul-13 08:34:33

If u press the down arrow and hold a cross appears which means they can't change the clock (sorry if u already know this, I only found this out a few weeks ago). Doesn't stop the early chat though !

onceipopicantstop Sun 28-Jul-13 11:21:20

Hi both thanks for replying. We did know about locking the screen - unfortunately doesnt help when he turns it off at the wall or pulls the lead out at the back!! grin Perhaps need to look if there is some sort of cover available to stop him pulling the plug out - it worries me that he does this anyway regardless of the clock issue. Then could put it somewhere out of his reach to prevent him removing the lead.

Altering his bedtime doesnt seem to have any effect but I guess a much more gradual change might help.
In fairness he is sleeping for 9.5 -10 hours, but when I hear about other children sleeping for 12 I feel a bit jealous!!

LizzyDay Sun 28-Jul-13 12:37:41

I think the bedtime change would have to be gradual for it to become ingrained iyswim. My DC have never done 12 hours straight through , 9 or 10 is more the norm, so they go to bed late in order for me to keep my sanity in the mornings!

ladypop Sun 28-Jul-13 18:16:05

I could have written this post! Seriously, we have the same issues I almost all aspects....I was just about to ask my husband if he had been on MN and written this post....but he isn't pregnant, so it can't be him wink
Unfortunately, I don't have any solutions myself other than to say you are not alone.... If we lived next door to each other we could take it in turns getting up with them!!
I have a 3 month old so on some ways it's even harder, but when your baby comes you will be up early anyway I guess.
Sorry no real help, but Congrats on your pregnancy though!

onceipopicantstop Sun 28-Jul-13 20:38:32

Well we have been thinking about moving.... grin
Have reinstated the groclock tonight with strict instructions he is not to touch it and we don't need to see him until the sun face appears!!! Has been promised a reward if he does this. I've set it for 530....I'm not very optimistic but we'll see!

Loo16 Sun 28-Jul-13 21:04:03

My DS wasn't waking up as early as yours but no bribery or stern instructions made him stay in bed until the sun. I started to set the GroClock a few minutes earlier than he was waking up (much earlier than I wanted), but it meant he did stay in bed until the sun and then we made a massive fuss and praised him all day so he was so excited. After a few days we started to move it later by a few minutes each day. After a couple of weeks of small changes each day we moved it back by 20 mins and it still worked, thankfully we had reached a much better time. Good luck!

onceipopicantstop Sun 28-Jul-13 21:32:27

Thanks Loo that was my next plan if tonight is unsuccessful! !I

ladypop Sun 28-Jul-13 22:36:01

That's a good idea! The Gro clock seems totally redundant in our house as it seems to have such little effect. Good luck tonight!!

onceipopicantstop Mon 29-Jul-13 13:26:24

Well not entirely successful to due unforeseen circumstances! Next doors little boy started crying around 430 and as we live in a terraced house ds quickly woke up! In fairness he did get into bed with us and try to settle but no success and dh got up with him at 515. BUT ds did observe that the sun wasn't up yet!! So we'll try again tonight!

LongDivision Mon 29-Jul-13 13:45:05

Could it be that the little boy is waking up your ds?

onceipopicantstop Mon 29-Jul-13 20:31:59

I don't think so as we rarely hear him. More likely my ds is waking him!!

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