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behavourial issues

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tweeny17 Sun 21-Jul-13 22:06:23

hi I love my boys to bits ones 4 and ones 7 the only thing is the 7 year old is moving into juniors and gives me a lot of back chat and helps him self in the cupboards, and the 4 years old climbs, opens tins of paint get hold of things he shouldn't and opens the bedroom windows the 4 year old is very over active so he keeps me on my toes, I have tried reward charts and taking toys off them any other advice please??

M1SSUNDERSTOOD Mon 22-Jul-13 09:21:08

Hi best advice is always be one step ahead. Don't keep things in cupboards if they help themselves, lock it away. Remove the chair and lock the windows.

I have to do the latter when my neighbour said she had seen my DSes on the roof at about the same ages as your. They had climbed out the window onto the flat roof. HTH

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