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cross dressing

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morsey Sun 08-Feb-04 19:40:25

My son - 3 in March has been compulsively cross dressing for the last 2 weeks! As soon as we get in the house he rushes up to his sisters room and finds a pair of her tights and a nightie / dress, etc and starts dancing around! All the more bizarre as he is a very lively, physical boyish boy.
Last night at friends sister had to let him wear his noghtie to bed and she had to put on his spiderman pjs just to stop a major meltdown!
Do you think it's just a phase?!

spacemonkey Sun 08-Feb-04 19:45:38

sounds like a phase to me morsey my ds used to mess about putting dd's clothes on when he was about 4 or 5, it didn't last long and like your ds he's always been a testosterone-charged boyish boy

magnum Sun 08-Feb-04 19:51:57

When my ds was 4 I found him sitting on the floor wearing my pink fluffy slippers and holding a copy of Woman magazine (upside down, but still..) He is now nearly sixteen and has never been near anything remotely pink or fluffy since.

nutcracker Sun 08-Feb-04 19:53:50

My ds who's 1 loves nothing more than walking around the flat with my handbag and combing his hair.

Posey Sun 08-Feb-04 21:02:17

It all sounds dead normal, just quite amusing!
I used to work in a preschool and at one point we had no girls. Did we have redundant dressing up stuff, shoe shop and hairdressers? Did we heck. one of the most popular role play things we had was the beauty parlour/hairdressers/shoe, hat and bag shop. Nothing like seeing half a dozen 3 year old boys teetering round in heels, bag over shoulder with hairslides in to cheer your day

mrsforgetful Sun 08-Feb-04 22:30:26

At 2 or 3 ds2 would always 'pretend' to be fizz of the tweenies.....he is probably the most feminine of my boys....but at 7 i can honestly say he's as male as male can be!!!

Yep! It's a phase!

lou33 Sun 08-Feb-04 22:40:28

Very norma;. I have pictures of ds1 in a pink tutu. He loved it so much he insisted that he had to wear it out! Dh had to walk around town with this little boy wearing a pink tutu over his jogging pants and trainers! Can't wait until he is bigger to show the pictures to his girlfriends .

morsey Tue 10-Feb-04 18:35:56

bought him a pair of green Peter Pan tights today - he then wore them at playgroup, on way home, to school to pick sister & friends up.... with his Peter Pan top and hat!
and insisted on the nightie to bed again. Wants to wear Peter Pan outfit to nursery tomorrow - should give them all a smile!

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