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What was your child's first fib?

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Earlybird Mon 05-Jun-06 20:14:41

DD ran from the bathroom tonight without washing her hands, and then told me she had....and I was standing right there! Slippery slope, here we come....!

Rantingqueen Mon 05-Jun-06 21:00:44


I believe mine "but Sophie (little sister) did it"
It's funny coz DD1 is nearly 4 and has never lied until very recently. Whereas dd2 who will be 3 in Auguast is a reguarler story teller.

I suppose it is handy having a little sister who will admit to anything? You could ask DD2 if she drove the car and she would say yes. dear of her.

Melpomene Mon 05-Jun-06 23:49:58

DD1 (3) recently helped herself to a biscuit without asking me. She then told me "DD2 said it was OK for me to have a biscuit."

DD2 is 13 months old and can't say much more than "mamma" and "dadda"

anchovies Mon 05-Jun-06 23:52:34

ds1 told his first porky pie today, apparently ds2 (13 weeks) opened the oven not him? I wouldn't mind but he came and said "oh no close it mummy, close it, lewis (ds2) is a very naughty boy"!

sobernow Mon 05-Jun-06 23:53:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Melpomene Mon 05-Jun-06 23:54:34


SecurMummy Mon 05-Jun-06 23:59:28

Ds's was asked about who had taken the tape measure being used for building work, it had been put halfway up the stairs(?)!

When asked who had moved it he told me it was the monsters "they told him not to tell"

This has now turned into teh fairies who are very very naughty around our house

(main problem is that these lies have me crying with laughter which is prob. not a good response!)

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