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pick, pick, pick, pick, pick

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BashfulBunny Wed 10-Jul-13 11:50:09

Not really after advice, just wondering if anyone else has this problem. DS is 10 months and a fiddler. His feet are always on the go. In his highchair or buggy they are always kicking and only stop when he is asleep.

For naps and sleep he has a teddy with a label that he likes to rub between his fingers. If he's not in the mood (even if he's at the stage of rubbing his eyes and so tired he's crying) he still fiddles and keeps himself awake. I remove everything but then he plays with his fingers or kicks his feet in his growbag.

He's a very happy, smiley little guy and I'm glad he's interested in the world, but am I in store for a crazy hyper child when he's older? And no he doesn't eat sugar hmm

BotBotticelli Wed 10-Jul-13 13:15:23

No advice really but my DS1 is the same. He is 7mo and he is totally mental a real little duracell bunny!

I am hoping that once he can crawl/walk he'll be able to brun off lots of that energy! I do get the distinct feeling he is going to be one of those toddlers who needs to run around a park for 3 hours a day :-S

AllegraLilac Wed 10-Jul-13 23:41:06

When he's older, you'll just have to make an extra effort to make sure he exhausts himself in the day time.

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