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7 wk old DD will only sleep on people

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Strawbry Mon 08-Jul-13 21:37:18

My gorgeous DD will only sleep on people or on her front which at night means me effectively meaning we're co sleeping but not by choice. She sleeps on my chest or craddled next to me but will not sleep if not held and screams continuously if put on her back. She favours tummy time and will sleep on her front if given the option during the day when she is watched like a hawk. I'm getting to breaking point with so little sleep and have tried every trick in the book to get her in her basket or pram. She is breastfed but i struggle to express ao feel all pressure is on me to resolve these issues. Any tips for settling into a routine without me also having to have the same one? As soon as she can roll she'll be on her tummy but I'm hoping she won't be too used to being with me by then! Help!

NeoMaxiZoomDweebie Mon 08-Jul-13 23:20:26

Oh she sounds like my DD1! She loved being on her front on me! I do feel for you. The only thing that worked for me was swaddling but the NHS don't reccomend it now!

I used to put my DD on her front at night, then when she was properly asleep, I'd every so gently turn her over again! She was a windy baby...does your DD have a lot of wind?

Llareggub Mon 08-Jul-13 23:22:53

Oh I loved that sleepy newborn phase. I ended up co-sleeping with DS2, who was much like your DD. He would feed through the night and it got a lot better at around 12 weeks or so. Sleep when your DD sleeps, it's the only way. If you have an older one I appreciate it isn't as easy as thAt.

NeoMaxiZoomDweebie Mon 08-Jul-13 23:24:56

Well it sounds like the OP isn't sleeping well with the DD on her...I also couldn't as I was anxious about squashing my DD. So I understand that this phase isn't fun for all Mothers. And personally, I wanted to be able to just sit down or lie down alone at times.

Callmedreckly Mon 08-Jul-13 23:26:46

My LO is 11 weeks & still will only sleep on me in the day, Its quite hard to get things done indoors, especially trying to make something to eat & have a wee!

Sorry, Im not much help x

Strawbry Tue 09-Jul-13 02:19:10

She gets a bit of trapped wind and likes Infacol every now and again but isn't too bad generally. She is very strong, just wish I was brave enough to put her down on her front at night without falling asleep myself.

Longdistance Tue 09-Jul-13 02:33:43

My dd2 was like this. She ended up sleeping on her tummy, and we had an Angelcare monitor under her Moses basket mattress. She slept through from 9 weeks, and she's 2 now, and still loves her sleep.

ShaggingZumbaStylee Tue 09-Jul-13 02:35:20


could be reflux if not wanting flat - ranitadine instead of infacol?


Strawbry Tue 09-Jul-13 02:48:04

Thanks for the lovely messages! I think I just worry about how little I feel I'm persevering with the Moses basket and am a bit sick of hearing what healthcare professionals recommend when it just doesn't seem to work for DD. Makes me feel inadequate! Xx

Strawbry Tue 09-Jul-13 02:51:52

Was considering a breathing monitor but read mixed reviews about them going off all the time. Also asked our health visitor who didn't seem to have heard of them! Would you recommend it?

I thought she might have reflux and we've tried prescribed infant gaviscon but she just dribbles it out as she's not on a bottle yet. Not convinced its that as she seems quite well. I think she's just a tummy baby.

GeordieCherry Tue 09-Jul-13 03:22:34

Have you tried raising the head end of her Moses basket/ mattress? Worked for our DD whose preference is for sleeping on someone. Good luck!

FirstTimeMa Tue 09-Jul-13 03:48:35

Our DS would only sleep on me when he was first born. At about 3 weeks we took him to see an osteopath for colic and we also introduced a dummy. The night after he slept in his moses basket at night for one of the first times since he was born. Might have been a coincidence but we never looked back. We also have an Angelcare monitor and it's fab. The only time it's gone off is when the pad has slipped and therefore can't detect motion properly.

Meringue33 Tue 09-Jul-13 05:01:24

I know a baby who has slept on her front from newborn as that is her favourite position. Her mother is a paediatrician and has just accepted it. I know it is hard to relax and sleep yourself!

They have an Angelcare monitor, so do we. Haven't had any false alarms yet. My LO has been on his front since he learned to roll at five and a bit months. I couldn't sleep a wink at first but have observed him for a while now and see that he turns his face to one side to breathe and will readjust himself if necessary. Appreciate it's different when they are a bit smaller though.

Hugs! Hopefully you'll find a solution soon!

Oh and yy to the person who suggested a sling.

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