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does your baby do this?

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solar Sun 04-Jun-06 17:24:12

DS is 9 months and has been going through the usual not sleeping, clingy teething stuff quite badly.

For the last week he has started crossing his legs at he ankles whenever I lie him down particularly for a nappy change. This squishes his little boys bits which i guess just feels nice and I should ignore but he makes angry noises and sometimes cries.

It is hard to ignore this and change his nappy, I have to pull his legs apart to change the nappy. I think if i wait it could encourage him to do it more to escape having his nappy changed?

I guess i am looking for reassurance that its 'normal'particularly as a friend and my mum look after him some days during the week while I am at work.

I have taken him to the GP for a checkup and apparently he is well, no urinary infection suspected as he didnot have a temperature.

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