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Nearly wet my pants

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rosebea Sun 04-Jun-06 17:07:10

I've just had to try and calm down my DD1 (nearly 3), we have the play dough out and she was having a great time but as with all babes she eventually lost interest and went to look for something else to play with and found the long since hidden face paints. I thought "why not?" and painted her face as a tiger. First of all she told me off and said "we're not allowed to draw on faces mommy!" but I assured her it was ok so she stood very still and became a tiger. I just took here to show her in the mirror and she went absolutely mad, it's taken 10 minutes to calm her down!!!
She sat on my lap sobbing while I babywiped it off. Poor baby, I feel like a terrible mommy, I just didn't think about it and I really laughed too which is terrible, I know.

She just came in and sat down with a sigh and said "I don't like being a tiger mommy, I was scarey!" Bless her, she does make me laugh

shazronnie Sun 04-Jun-06 17:09:14

Lmccrean Sun 04-Jun-06 17:11:07

omg, my dd did exactly the same thing! she was actually shaking...she said a butterfly would be better next time

southeastastra Sun 04-Jun-06 17:28:43

ah thats sweet! i do facepainting and some of the little kids reactions to older brothers having spidermen etc is really funny, or you start to do a tiger and they get scared and are left with half done yellow and orange faces.

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