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I'm at the end of my tether!!

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Bomper Fri 02-Jun-06 16:08:47

I have mentioned this on here before, but my 8 year old ds is driving me absolutely bonkers at the moment. He is really nasty to his middle sister ALL THE TIME, he is argumentative, stroppy, rude, cross and uncontrollable. What makes it worse is, he is constantly bringing home certificates from school saying things like 'For excellent behaviour', I would love to see some of that at home!!! It's really getting me down, I love him unconditionally, but at the moment I don't like him at all. What can I do?

bubblepop Fri 02-Jun-06 16:32:52

umm.this all sounds familiar! i think one day i completely flipped and went berserk,and as im not usually like that his behaviour changed for a few months and he was as good as gold. ...pause while i go and prise him off his brother they are fighting now..... unfortunately its all going down hill again and he's starting to get lippy again. i will be watching this thread with interest to see if any one else has the answer!

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