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Reading to a 6 year old

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Pernod Thu 01-Jun-06 19:18:41

Up until recently my 6 year old dd has always had a great love of books and has always enjoyed me reading to her each night before bed.
Very sadly now she seems to have lost interest in me reading to her and would much prefer me to play a game with her at bed time.
She enjoys and is good at reading her school books and I still think that it's important that I should read to her and enjoy books with her. I'm worried that I'm going to put her off reading for good as I'm always saying to her how great reading is and she's just the sort to rebel and react against this.
How can I reintroduce reading to her?

pippi123 Thu 01-Jun-06 19:26:36

Hi Pernod,

I have a 6 year old DD too - now she is able to read harder books herself we tend to read a few pages or a chapter each at bed time - she seems to enjoy that - unless she is really tired she likes to read some of the book herself. I lie next to her so we can both see the book and she reads along in her head - never missing any mistakes I make!!

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