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Poor sleep after dummy removal

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Tobermory Wed 26-Jun-13 04:32:19

DD2 (age 3) has had a dummy, and loved it, since she was born. she just had it for sleeping but absolutely loved it.
We got rid of it 2 weeks ago! We talked with her beforehand about the dummy fairy coming to collect to give to a new baby, she was ok with theory! In the days following the last dummy going she and i have also been a bit unwellwhich has led to time sleeping in my bed (I know, I know, making a rod for my own back but it's just easier when she unwell to have her close)
Anyway, now I'm paying for that. Shes finding t quite hrad to go to sleep on an evening but worse is the middle of the night. She's currently screaming in bed. She woke at 4 and I took her to the toilet (she sometimes wakes in the night to go tot he loo) and now she wants to sleep in my bed! Before she would have popped her dummy in and got straight back to sleep.
I need someone to remind me how to do 'middle of the night shouting', I'm so close to caving and brining her in with me. So tired.

amistillsexy Wed 26-Jun-13 20:28:40

If she's screaming, I'd bring her into my own bed, and not cave on the dummy. You can always carry her back to her own bed once she's asleep (disclaimer- sometimes, I have 3 boys asleep in my bed, and no room for me and DH grin )

stargirl1701 Wed 26-Jun-13 20:29:55

We replaced a dummy with a muslin.

CreatureRetorts Wed 26-Jun-13 21:02:36

Why not wake her for a wee when you go to bed to avoid 4am wake ups? We use a potty so keep ds in his room, he barely stirs, and goes straight back to sleep easily.

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