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i know this is normal but...grrrr....

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FloatingOnTheMed Thu 01-Jun-06 16:57:51

just dd's contradictory messing around behaviour

eg just now happily doing jigsaw puzzle book together (ok i quickly put the rice on half way through maybe that disorientated huh <roll eyes emoticon>). then on a certain page she decides she's not going to do it properly, if at all. Basically impossible for me to do anything about it - if i try & help her with jigsaw she pushes the pieces all over the place, if i give up & try to walk away she gets upset. grrrrr. ended up walking away cos i'm not going to play power games with her, consequence = big tantrum for which i kept putting her in her room (i do this unless it's something punishable by time out) and usually she stays there and calms down v quickly but today she has kept coming out still crying. She's now sitting on my lap having calmed down.

Just a normal 2 yo power struggle? (She's 2.9). Well, i know that, just - grrrrrr!

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