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Does your LO wake from a nap seemingly happy & done napping...but isn't??

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forevergreek Thu 27-Jun-13 19:20:19

Yes 45min sleep cycles until around puberty ( a lot longer than you may think), and then gradually moves to 90min and stays that as an adult

If you want him to sleep longer than 45mins, try a darkened room/ shade over pram, minimal distractions ( but not silent), and try not to disturb him/ rearrange blankets around the 45 min mark. ( do after 30 or 60 mins if possible)

u32ng Wed 26-Jun-13 20:42:46

Hmm yeah that makes a lot of sense actually. I'm just trying to go with the flow & if necessary bundle him into the pram to speed up his getting-to-sleep bit!

Stacks Wed 26-Jun-13 15:49:50

My LO does this, and has done for a while (now 6m). I think they wake between sleep cycles (so for my DS this is around 45mins, then 90mins), if in a dark room or driving in the car/pushchair he may settle back to sleep. However at home he will wake up, be happy for maybe an hour then fuss to go back to sleep. It should get better at some point soon. Their sleep cycles also get longer as they get older, though I'm not sure when (ie from 45m to 60m).

You're maybe also still in the 4m sleep regression? So LO might be waking hungry due to growth spurt, or just more restless due to teething or developmental leaps.

u32ng Mon 24-Jun-13 15:21:09

4.9 months old DS was alert & awake & quietly playing in his bed when I checked on him & so I assumed he was done napping. I said hello & got all smiles from him then when I took him through to the living room & put him on his playmat he started fussing. Then he was ok for a bit, them more fussing & then crying.

So I thought he maybe wasn't done sleeping & sure enough after much jiggling & soothing (of course he was overtired now) he's now asleep again.

Does anyone else's LO do this??

Do I just leave him be to give him a chance to go back to sleep or cry to be picked up coz he's ready to get up??

Babies are confusing even at almost 5 months! confused

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