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Car seats - when to go to forward facing?

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milkyman Sun 23-Jun-13 14:58:08

We are off on a 3hr car journey soon and our DS with be 8.5mths. He has a backward facing car seat but it seems too small for him - he is a long baby and weighs approx. 25ilbs. I asked in mothercare and they reckon he has some time left it it but I am concerned that it causes his head to drop forward when asleep (it's a graco car seat).

Would it be wirth us getting a forward facing one and any suggestions as to which one?

sesamechoc Mon 08-Jul-13 23:52:35

haven't read all thread but BMJ (british medical journal) published a big review about 4 years ago and the age to go forward facing is 4 years as is the law in sweeden and some other european countries. The reduction in injuries from accidents was significant. We bought a britax rear facing that was made for children to be backward facing until age 4

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