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bullying in street how to stop it any ideas plz

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Emz25 Tue 30-May-06 16:32:51


my family are being bullied by certain neighbours.
basically their 13 yr old d and her friend keep bullying my 8 and 6 yr old right outside our house.

if i go out and ask them to stop the girl goes straight to her dad and he comes round.

he has screamed in my face twice now and threatens to batter myself and my husband.

i tell them that they are bullyin my kids and i want it to stop but him and the wife will not listen.
they say my dd is doing the same but she isn't and even if she was, she is 8 yrs old (they are 13 and in high sch) have tried putting this across to no avail.

the police have been round on a number of occasions but they simply put on the charm (they are older much than us) and the police think it is us starting it (probably because we are a young family) when all i am doing is defending my children.

does anyone know how i can stop this and what rights i have?
can i make the police do somethin?

MeAndMyBoy Tue 30-May-06 16:35:31

No experience but just wanted to send you hugs and hope that someone with some experience and can help comes along soon.

butty Tue 30-May-06 16:41:31

If things are really getting out of hand and you feel threatened in your own home, then tell the police that if they won't do anything than you shall apply to have an ASBO put in place, hopefully they will talk to your very unpolite sounding neighbours.

Please don't judge me for sounding a little harsh, but they are there for a reason, and just because you are a young family does not make you any less different than an older family.

Good luck

Emz25 Tue 30-May-06 17:19:29

i know it shouldn'y matter about the age thing but i think it does.

yesterday the girls started on my 6 yr old ds. i saw then stop outside the house and laugh and say something i immediately went outside. as usual she rushes back to daddy he came over started shouting in my face backed me into my house shouting me down wouldn't even let me speak i didn't even say anythin to either of the brats and he still started he shouted for my husband to come out so he can batter him. my h was holding the baby he screamed in his face and the babys telling him to put the baby down all my kids were screaming scared.
we phoned the police they came round told me i should let my kids fight their own battles (against a 13 yr old) i think not!
they went round anyway spoke to them came back and told us we need to understand that they are older and we need to remember that. they are lovely ppl really e.t.c
so the bullies pull the wool over and win!
i just do not know what to do. we are going to the police station tonight to speak to another officer as i want something done now this can't continue its already been a yr already!

hasbean Tue 30-May-06 17:31:44

I can't offer much help but make sure you keep a diary of any events - if this ever comes to court (ASBO) this will be very useful. Can you install a cctv camera on the front of your house so you have evidence of the physical threats towards you and your family?

Emz25 Tue 30-May-06 17:44:05

thats funny you should say that!
we were advised by the police to put a camera up when they were damasging the property. we used a webcam it was not online but u can set it to record they live 2 doors down from me my neighbours which are theirs too have taken their side so the pair of them phoned the police on us and told them we were filming kids in the street.
the police didn't bother to read up on us before coming round and asked y we had it we had to explain it all again.
i couldn't believe they did this they know full well we are not like that but they just wanted to cause trouble and be nasty!
again the police took their side and think we are being stupid.
she went round all the neighbours in the street too and pointed out that we had a cam in the window trying to make us look bad and turn the street against us!
apart from next door everyone knows they are idiots and don't like them althopugh everyone will say hello to us so what does that say!
we have taken the cam down now and the vandalism at least has stopped. i felt quite embarressed having it there.

Tortington Tue 30-May-06 18:14:05

are you in your own home? or is it rented.

your town will have an anti social behaviour unit. find the number and speak to soemone there.

if you are being threatened you have to phone the police and tell them you were threatened.

you should ask the asb unit for diary sheets. this will come with an explaination of how to fill them in - they have tobe detailed incase they are needed in court.

meanwhile keep a diary - detailed - about what has happened and who said what.

dont lose your temper. dont speak to this man. keep asking politley for the firls to leave your girls alone.

if the girls hit or threaten your girls they can be arrested - 10 is the culpable age.

10 years old. so the 13 year old can get arrested for threatening behaviour. the parents can be arrested to.

you just have to make sure that you dont scream or shout in the street. that the only abuse any one witnesses is him losing his temper.

if you have a council or HA house your housing officer should be able to help and advise you.

keep calling the police - for every incident - at some point they will get pissed of and try and find a resolution.

Emz25 Tue 30-May-06 18:51:19


we own our house.
we have been keeping a log of everything.
my h went back to the police this evening and said we want something done this time. the policeman he spoke to was a lot more sympathetic thankfully and said he will help us build an harrasment case against them!
they will ring us tonight after he has spoke to the policewoman who came previously so we will find out then what is going to happen.

Tortington Tue 30-May-06 19:35:55

sounds good! well done you

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