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Moses basket too small, what next?

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Becky5W Sun 16-Jun-13 06:36:05

Really sorry, didn't know where to place this but wondered if someone could give me some advice please! My baby girl is coming up 5 weeks old and is already growing out of the Moses basket! Now I know you're meant to put the cot in your room once they can't fit into the Moses basket but I don't have room in our bedroom to have her cot in here and I really don't know what to do. She is my first child and some friends told me that they moved their child into their own room at this point, however I really don't want to do that just yet! Has this happened with anyone else? I really don't know what to do, I thought about travel cot as they may just fit but then didn't know if they are good enough and safe enough for every night sleeping or not! Is there something else they are meant to go in after they outgrow the Moses basket? Thanks

FattyMcChubster Sun 16-Jun-13 06:39:15

Could you have a look on eBay or ask friends to borrow something like a crib? They seem to be smaller than a cot but bigger than a moses.
Can I just ask, is your basket very small or your baby quite long only ours lasted nearly 7 months and baby was nearly 90th centile for height and weight?

Olivo Sun 16-Jun-13 06:48:24

When my DDs no longer fitted in the Moses basket, I moved intro their room, slept on a mattress and they went into the cot. I did that for about 4 months. Once DD2 was sleeping through, DH went in there with her some nights so I could get. A decent rest. DD1 never slept through!

Becky5W Sun 16-Jun-13 06:54:34

I did wonder about a crib but didn't think they were much bigger than the Moses basket. To be honest I don't know if she is too long, no one has explained anything to me! My health visitor is horrible and I don't feel comfortable asking her things, last time she came she made me feel I was a terrible mum and looked at me like dirt when I asked her a question! No one has explained the centile things so don't know what that is? In her room, again, it's too small to put a mattress down for me to sleep with her. We only have two bedrooms and hubby won't let me move house yet!!!! Thanks for helping

philbee Sun 16-Jun-13 07:10:16

Could you move any other furniture from your room to hers to make room in your room for a cot?

nextphase Sun 16-Jun-13 07:19:47

Crib's seem to be significantly larger than moses baskets.
DS1 (7lb) couldn't / wouldn't sleep in the moses basket. He just wanted to wiggle, and it didn't work. He was out of it fairly soon.
DS2 (8lb) was in a borrowed crib for ages. It was larger, and because it had bars rather than a woven side, I think he was happier.

What about baby in a travel cot, but buy a better (non travel) mattress for it?

The centiles - take all babies, and put them in a line. The point where half are bigger and half are smaller is the 50th centile. So the 90th / 10th centile means 10 in every babies sit further from the middle than that point.

So if you have a 50th centile baby, it is right in the middle. A 97th centile baby is on the large size, but can still be perfectly normal. Medical people tend to do checks if baby is near the highest / lowest centile just to check that is their natural size rather than there being anything wrong. Babies crossing the centile lines tend to be checked also - they are growing faster or slower than expected, but again there may not be anything wrong, its just worth checking everything is OK.
Hope that makes sense.

bishboschone Sun 16-Jun-13 07:20:37

Cots come in different sizes.. Cot beds are huge but a cot is bigger than a crib but smaller than a cot bed. Ikea do a small ish cot.

cupcake78 Sun 16-Jun-13 07:25:33

I'm in a very similar situation. Ds outgrew his basket in 3 weeks. Dc2 is estimated bigger.

We had 2 options, co sleep or baby in own room. I wasn't keen on either but baby ended up in its own room. Night feeds were tiring but I'm facing the same dilemma with this one.

Our bedroom hardly fits the Moses basket in it so even a crib would be too big!

Becky5W Sun 16-Jun-13 08:10:59

Thanks everyone. I'll have a look at the centile things then, thanks for the explanation! I can't move any furniture as we have a double bed and a bit of space at the bottom of the bed then we have fitted wardrobes so we can't make any space! Baby room has the cot bed in, a small chest of drawers and again built in cupboard. I'll have a look at the cribs, might buy me some time to get her ready for being in her own room!

MsPickle Sun 16-Jun-13 08:26:31

We've squeezed a kiddicare compact cot into our room at the moment, doesn't take up much more space than the crib stand (which can also hold Moses baskets so think it's a fairly similar size. I have to move it to open the drawers it's in front of but it's very light so although irritating not difficult. You mentioned having a cot bed, they are much bigger than just cots in my experience.

Becky5W Sun 16-Jun-13 11:06:49

Ah right, thank you, will have a look! The cot bed is in the baby's room and that fits in there but that's about it and we can't move that into our room as it wouldn't fit with our double bed. Thanks for your help.

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