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Does anyone else dread it when new shoes have to be bought?

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fimbles Tue 03-Feb-04 20:59:33

Yes, it was that time again, DD had outgrown her lovely pair of clarkes princess shoes at the ripe ol' age of 10 weeks. Off we went to Mothercare for her feet to be measured and this time I thought I was prepared, juice, malteasers, party ring bisc, 4 different dummies and a book. As soon as she saw the measuring device, she started and when I say started, I mean the horrendous screaming and body throwing began. She was petrified and anyone would think she was being attacked. Half of Mothercare came to see what the commotion was (not an exageration!). She kicked the clarkes assistant in the face and I felt just awful. Why is she like this, no other child behaved this way? My dd has always been funny around strangers, she won't sit on a bike, scribble or even hold my hand. Maybe she feels it is form of control. My hv said she was a highly independant child!! Any comments???

Coddy Tue 03-Feb-04 21:04:12

ten weeks? do tyou mean after 10 weeks?

I would bloody complain about htem fitting htem poorly

hana Tue 03-Feb-04 21:05:26

your daughter at 10 weeks is wearing shoes? Or did she outgrow them 10 weeks after you bought them? My dd also takes fits when she needs a new pair of shoes - I get her to watch some others being fitted. What about taking her dolly or teddy along and pretending to have their feet measured? Or yours? Good luck!

fimbles Tue 03-Feb-04 21:34:59

sorry, no i mean the shoes were 10 weeks old. My dd is 20 months. Her shoes are always fitted properly, she is just growing very fast. There is always room for growth in the shoes, can't really go wrong with clarkes. Thanks Hana for the tip, I will let her watch others having their feet measured and see if that helps

Coddy Tue 03-Feb-04 21:41:52

But do you know I am firmly convinced that they try and con you. Ds1 had new shoes al the time but by the time I got to ds2 I was wised up and he got 2 pairs per season, if that

150percent Tue 03-Feb-04 22:10:20

DS1 HATES shoe shopping, not so much the measuring or anything, but just the fact that he hates new shoes! I think that he is going to need new ones soon, so have been preparing him with lots of "Topsy and Tim go shoe-shopping". Now need them to print "Topsy and Tim have their haircut wearing an apron and without throwing a fit or insisting on scooping up all the cut hair with a toy digger"

CookieMonster Wed 04-Feb-04 13:41:36

I too am convinced they try and con you into buying a new pair every time you go .... when they ask me what size she is wearing now I always knock half a size off and see what they come up with. So if they say she needs a 7.5 I can then say 'oh sorry, my mistake, she is already in a 7.5 - doesn't need new ones then does she?' ..... bit naughty but it catches them out sometimes

marialuisa Wed 04-Feb-04 15:28:01

150% that Topsy and Tim book is out there somewhere. mum got it for my dbro. Cover has Tim in barber's chair with apron, IIRC Tim goes with Daddy to have his hair cut and comes back scalped!

sar7 Wed 04-Feb-04 15:34:30

Just to say that my ds1 used to be like that about having his feet measured and trying on shoes - not sure why. However over the last 6 months or so (he's 2 and a half) he has come to really like it - actually asks now if he can have his 'toes measured' whenever we go to town. Not sure why he decided he liked it. So hopefully you're dd will gradually grow out of it.

If only he'd start to enjoy haircuts .... major trauma!

Bron Wed 04-Feb-04 15:40:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bea Wed 04-Feb-04 15:43:38

if only my dd's (2 and half) feet would grow so quickly... she got her last shoes in the summer (junish) and i've been back twice to check if they need replacing! ... nope her feet are exactly the same size!!

as for whether she likes going or not.. she actually likes the whole feet measuring and looking at new shoes... but then again we only go when i know that we will be seen to straight away and there's toys to play with there so the only painful bit is the price!!!

florenceuk Wed 04-Feb-04 15:49:39

DS (2yr2mths) LOVES shoe shops esp womens ones - selects the biggest pair of boots he can find and parades around in them. Looks pretty funny in a pair of knee-high ladies boots! But he generally likes to play with other peoples shoes, we have piles of shoes by the front door so easy to get at. Maybe let her play at shoe shops at home with a tape measure?

dinosaur Wed 04-Feb-04 15:58:14

My DS1 used to hate shoe-fitting.

We got round it in the end after much effort by buying a foot-measuring thing (from the Vertbaudet catalogue) and doing endless role-plays of "visiting the shoe-shop" at home. Eventually, when he was three, we had our first ever successful visit to the shoe-shop.

Before that, I just used to feel his toes in his shoes and when they felt like they were up to the ends, I'd just buy a new pair in the same style if possible, half a size bigger.

Evita Wed 04-Feb-04 16:11:45

Well, I dread it too. But dd loves it. I dread it because it's so damned expensive!!

Bozza Wed 04-Feb-04 16:33:03

My DS loves it too. I take him to Kids at Clinks at Meadowhall (they stock Clarks, Start-Rite plus others) because sometimes struggle to get Clarks to fit on height of foot. He had a pair in June (didn't really need them but was my sister's wedding) and we've just replaced them last week. I took him about 4pm on a Friday and was served immediately. Have learned that one the hard way. His Cico trainers still fit but are in danger of wearing out he's wrecked them that much.

Bozza Wed 04-Feb-04 16:46:38

My DS loves it too. I take him to Kids at Clinks at Meadowhall (they stock Clarks, Start-Rite plus others) because sometimes struggle to get Clarks to fit on height of foot. He had a pair in June (didn't really need them but was my sister's wedding) and we've just replaced them last week. I took him about 4pm on a Friday and was served immediately. Have learned that one the hard way. His Cico trainers still fit but are in danger of wearing out he's wrecked them that much.

suedonim Wed 04-Feb-04 17:49:38

It's the dread that they won't have anything to fit the dd's narrow feet that depresses me. I have to say, John Lewis are honest when it comes to whetehr your child needs new shoes or not. Dd went back several times - I was desperate for her to have new ones! You can do a rough check at home on their shoes. Just put a bit of talc in the shoes then get the child to walk around a little. Check inside the shoe and you should be able to see the imprint of how far their toes reached.

zebra Wed 04-Feb-04 17:57:32

I spent (for me) a small fortune on DD's feet today. I bought the only pair in the shop that she would agree to wear. I'll be relieved if they still fit in 6 weeks, too.

fimbles Wed 04-Feb-04 21:59:09

dinasaur, what a good idea! The measuring device from verbadet, is it a proper foot measure or just the foot gage on the back of the catalogue? i'm going to have to do something, roll play at home sounds possibly achievable. If I leave shoes around the place, dd sits and chews them,urgh!!, infact she chews everything except food - but that's another story! My dd grew from 6.5 to 7.5 shoe fitting in 10 weeks and is a "g" fitting. She is a big baby and I knew the shoe was tight because I could hardly get it on!

A note on hair cutting, I cut dd's hair this afternoon while she was asleep, I haven't attempted or should I say dare to take her to a hairdresser yet, and all I can say is she looks like a clampet!! It is the worst haircut anyone could have. I think I will have to find that Topsy and Tim book too. Thanks everyone for the input.

dinosaur Wed 04-Feb-04 22:17:28

It't not a proper foot gauge like they use in Clarks or wherever, but it means the sprog gets used to putting his or her foot in the thing and having it measured, so it is helpful.

Be prepared to have to have your own feet measured many many times too, fimbles!

Haircuts were another thing that DS1 was awful about, but again, with lots of games of "let's pretend we're at the hairdressers" he eventually started having proper haircuts at age 3.

dinosaur Wed 04-Feb-04 22:18:42

Oh, and don't let them get you down in Clarks btw. I used to really let things like that get to me with DS1. With DS2 I'm much more relaxed, couldn't give a stuff what other people think.

Furball Thu 05-Feb-04 20:56:36

Bea - My Ds also 2 1/2 is in the same shoes since last May/June time, I was just gonna ask if this was a record? but obviously not!

mrsforgetful Thu 05-Feb-04 21:05:37

and i HATE the 'funny' mirrors they have in several of the clarks shops round our autistic sons practically emptied the shops when they got rather 'overexited' about the mirrors....i know in most cases they would 'quietly' amuse the little darlings....but not my 3 lads!

Mingle Thu 05-Feb-04 21:32:53

Ds was awful with both haircuts and new shoes. Would kick and scream and then run off in Clarks and once the shoes were brought he would refuse point blank to wear them for ages. He was the same with new clothes / coats etc.

Having his haircut was equally stressful and I am surprised that he has still got his ears!

Then suddenly it all stopped and he is fine now, really proud of his new shoes etc and even asks to have his haircut. Wish I could remember what I did.

Our local Clarks shop seem to be pretty good and won't sell you a pair unless they are needed. Ds's shoes are usually worn out by the time he is ready for a new pair, unlike a friend whose 2 year old has more shoes than me!

eidsvold Sun 08-Feb-04 20:38:21

we have been lucky too - our dd ( now 18months old) had her first pair of shoes last sept time and as yet has not needed them replaced. We have been three times to have them checked and each time the person has honestly said she does not need new ones.

We originally went to Bluewater in Kent for the first fitting.. nice and easy - walk inthe shop etc. The local clarks - smaller has the children's section upstairs - with NO lift. So if alone I have to collapse the buggy, carry her,the buggy and the bag upstairs and then start the process all over again when finished. I am certainly not alone.... just seems very inconvenient..... needless to say - not one assistant offered to help either...

mmmmmmmmmmm maybe I should register my annoyance at how unchild friendly their shop design is....

haircuts too - too afraid to get dd's hair cut although it is getting rather long... she can wait until we get to Aus and go to a hairdresser I trust implicitly. Although I really like her hairstyle and want her hair long.....

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