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How to ditch the dummy of a very high maintenance little lady

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Chocolateyclaire76 Thu 13-Jun-13 15:56:17

My LO is just over 6 months and up until around 5 months she only used a dummy on occasions in the pram. The trouble was the ONLY way she would sleep was being pushed in the pram. I nearly went crazy with this so attempted to transition to the cot before I lost it. The cot would only work with the dummy and as this was preferable to pacing the streets every day I gave in. The trouble is that when she wakes during the night now she will only sleep if the dummy is put back in - we've tried leaving her and she cried on and off with us settling her for 2 hours!! When we initially put her down to sleep she doesn't have the dummy, it's only when she wakes in the middle of the night.

She's now started to wake every 30 mins into her nap because her dummy has fallen out.....arghhhhhhh!!!!!

Can anyone offer any suggestions baring in mind she is a real crier and very hyper, even at the sight of us!!

Phineyj Thu 13-Jun-13 15:58:10

Try one of these?

Phineyj Thu 13-Jun-13 15:58:22

Natanotherone Thu 13-Jun-13 15:59:10

This sounds exactly like my little boy! Really struggling and haven't had a good nights sleep in months. Watching this thread! X

Chocolateyclaire76 Thu 13-Jun-13 16:00:36

Wow, I've never seen one of these! I'm on the case and buying one now!! I've no problem with her using one (at the moment!!) I just don't want to replace it all the time!!

Chocolateyclaire76 Thu 13-Jun-13 16:11:26

Natanotherone - it's a nightmare isn't it! I seem to pop in back in creep back into our room, get into bed and then an hour later she'll start crying. It's not like it's a sleepy whimper either!!

Natanotherone Thu 13-Jun-13 16:48:06

It's been going on for about 2 months with us, I'm permanently shattered and returning to work in 2 weeks. Most of the time his eyes are shut he's just crying and I pop the dummy in and he turns his head, but then he might start again half an hour later, but sometimes he gets so worked up I have to give him a few oz of formula to settle him back down.

Have tried letting him cry but it distresses me and hubby too and I can't bear it when the cries turn into full blown screams.

Was considering trying to wean him off the dummy in the hope he will then sleep but I just don't know if I'm prepared for that mentally yet.


FieryChipotle Thu 13-Jun-13 16:50:43

Probably not going to help you wean your LO off the dummy but with my three I put dummies all the way round their cots so that they are easily accessible!

Magicmayhem Thu 13-Jun-13 17:09:44

Is it because she cant put her dummy in herself she cries or because she cant find it? Im sure it wont be long before she's able to put it in herself . I also had loads of dummy's in the cot. Mine had dummy's till they were 2 but only at sleep time. But then I like an easy life smile

kritur Thu 13-Jun-13 19:48:55

Ring of dummies around the head or attached to the ears of a toy bunny...

orangeandemons Thu 13-Jun-13 19:51:41

I had this. We put p with it for3 yearsshock. She just kept losing them. We had about 15 dummies in bed at one point. Then we bit the bullet

Then she found her thumbhmm

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