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3 year old pooing himself after having been potty trained!!!

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Lighthouse115 Wed 12-Jun-13 22:01:44

Hi there. Am wondering if anyone has any ideas/tips for my 3 year old DS who was potty trained back in early March, and was accident free for at least 8 weeks, doing poos and wee's on the toilet, unprompted. Since turning 3 at the end of April he seems to have taken a backward step and has started pooing his pants on a very regular basis (most days). This usually happens when he is playing outside in the garden and distracted but the last couple of weeks it is happening when we are indoors too, where he is very close to a downstairs loo! We have tried sticker chart, lots of praise, getting a bit cross and asking why he is doing it and his response is, "I don't want to do it anymore", which is I am guessing he doesn't want to poo his pants, but he keeps on doing it!!! Thanks.

Casmama Wed 12-Jun-13 22:07:38

I would take it that he doesn't want to use the toilet any more.
I would try and find out if anything has scared him about the toilet or why he doesn't want to o it anymore.
I might also put him back in nappies for a while and say only big boys who do poos in the toilet get to wear big boy pants. Would also get him some of his favourite character pants as an incentive.
Hope someone has better advice.

Lighthouse115 Wed 12-Jun-13 22:12:53

I am wondering if something has scared him, as he does seem to get annoyed when I ask him if he needs to go. I have suggested that we put him back in nappies but he says he wants to wear his pants! Thanks for the advice. Will try and have another chat with him.

Casmama Wed 12-Jun-13 22:17:48

How about pull-ups- when he shows he can do his poos in the toilet he can get his pants back.
I know my ds got sick of me asking him if he needed the toilet all the time so after the first week I really had to back off to avoid it turning into a battle (he had just turned 3). He actually was pretty good with only a few accidents.

Good luck.

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