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How can i help dd3 (15months) cope with dh coming home?

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misdee Mon 29-May-06 08:09:12

i have essentially been a single parent for a year whilst dh has been in hospital, and have been dd3 sole carer most of her life. recently she has taken to screaming if i pay peter any attention like kissing and cuddling. I know she is going to be a little bit jealous when he comes home, so how do i deal with this? the other 2 will be happy as larry when he comes home so dont think i'll too many problems with those 2.

misdee Mon 29-May-06 10:19:09


nothercules Mon 29-May-06 10:21:26

Not the same thing I know but when dh was away for 5 weeks, I used to include a large photo of him in our conversations and talk lots about him to her whenever an opportunity arose.

Nightynight Mon 29-May-06 11:05:21

Message deleted

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