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2 year old hitting all the time

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kbaby Sun 28-May-06 21:51:35

How can I get her to stop. Shes been doing it since 19 months. If she cant get her own way she hits you or will hit anything close to hand. Shell even hit you if you ask for a kiss etc.

At the moment she has 2 warnings and if she does it again she goes on the naughty step.

Im losing patience with it as she hits you when you try to do anything and quite hard.

Will it ever stop?

hunkermunker Sun 28-May-06 21:54:18

DS1 sometimes hits in frustration. I just say "Oh, are you patting Mummy? Aww, how lovely! Thank you!" Confuses the hell out of him. Isn't necessarily what would work with every child, but he already had the concept of "patting" people - he pats our shoulders affectionately when we pick him up.

draggedthrooabush Sun 28-May-06 22:01:33

My eldest went through a wee hitting phase and I used to just get down to his level make eye contact and hold him while explaining in my firm voice "No! you must not hit Mummy. It hurts Mummy when you hit. If you do it again then you will sit on the naughty step." Personally I would put her on the step after 1 warning and try haed to be consistant. She will just be testing you so see how far she can go. Thankfully my son has stopped this now he is almost 3 but it is a really frustrating stage. Good Luck!

Elibean Sun 28-May-06 22:09:20

My dd did this for a while, though not all that often. I would just say 'no, hitting is not ok' and put her down/walk away/turn my back and ignore her for a couple of minutes. If she did it again after that, I suppose I would use our equivalent of the naughty step (calm spot), but she's 2.5 - at just 2, she didn't really get it. Its a tricky phase, I noticed dd did it just before she had a 'language explosion' - now she mostly verbalizes and just says whats pissing her off!

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