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Struggling to entertain an 8 year old ds and 2 year old dd

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cheekymonk Mon 10-Jun-13 16:48:07

Having a nightmare! I work school hours then collect both kids. DS is very resentful of how needy dd is. He has just had big tantrum saying he gets no attention. This isn't going away. I remember at 8, I would come home chill out read a magazine watch some telly and don't remember having one to one with Mum at all. How can I entertain them both? It is dd being sat on my knee having stories etc that is causing problem. Maybe I should be taking them to park but am knackered after work! it is so bad I am considering working longer to avoid it sad Am tackling so many problems at the moment (debt, weight) but my's son's anger just leaves me so deflated and upset. he is always miserable. QWent to Stonehenge yesterday and he moaned it wasn't child friendly enough. I really am not enjoying him at all sad We have no family nearby which doesn't help. any ideas? Dh is at work...

hillyhilly Mon 10-Jun-13 16:53:19

Can you invite friends for him after school? That is my best way of entertaining my 8 yr kid and keeping her off the iPad/ telly or getting wound up by her little brother. It is less work rather than more when they're that age, though you do have to mind the toddler.
I think the issue is that one child is getting your attention and the other one isn't, is there some way to address this? Can you set up toddler with crayons and spend time on ds homework or doing a drawing or something.
Even though its "babyish" my dd still will play with play dough, this is also something they could both do but make sure you lavish attention on the ds at the time.

cheekymonk Mon 10-Jun-13 20:32:47

Thanks hillybilly- yes could do friends after school. Playdoh could work, and dd does like paper and crayons. just had cuddles with ds once dd in bed and longer story than normal so he seems a bit more secure for now.

cheekymonk Wed 12-Jun-13 17:25:57

any more suggestions?? Had big row again this morning sad

HomageToCannelloni Wed 12-Jun-13 17:31:17

Can you take him out once a week (at the weekend perhaps) just the two of you to do something together that his sister can't do? Have a similar age gap though genders reversed and younger one is now 3 and it's getting easier as he now entertains himself a lot more. I found giving dd the extra time alone on a one on one basis every week really helped her feel 'equal' in the attention stakes.

Sayonee Wed 12-Jun-13 17:35:18

I have found the key to be quality one on one time with each child. Once DD is in bed, have some reading time withDS and let him learn that there will always be quality time for him after DD turn. Let DD be engaged in a favourite activity or programme then set about DS quality activity- baking, monster chase, hallway football anything but just you and him. No phone calls, chores etc. about half hour quality time plus ten mins bedtime reading should work a treat. Good luck

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