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Ds Behaviour - at the end of my tether

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chjlly Sun 28-May-06 11:54:20

It takes at least 3 attempts to get him to listen to what we are saying
He can't sit still just runs around and disrupts things
It has started getting embarassing when I'm out and I can't get him to sit still it feels like I everyone is thinking that I am the worst mother ever because I can't control him.
There are times where is lovely and will sit still but it only seems to be when we are at home where nobody can see him.
he is 4 years old and due to start school in september and can see myself being called in every other day because of him misbehaving.
I don't know whether it is worth taking him to the doctors as I don't know if there is actually something wrong

Northerner Sun 28-May-06 11:57:39

OMG - I so know what you mean. I started a thread yesterday about my 4 year old ds behaviour he is just the same.

Don't think a trip to teh doctors is needed - it sounds like typical behaviour to me.

Check out my thread for some good advice.

chjlly Sun 28-May-06 12:04:44

Thanks Northerner am feeling a bit better now
may have to try the 1,2,3 thing!

Northerner Sun 28-May-06 12:07:51

We've been to church this morning and ds always get juice and a biscuit at the end, but today he was messing around and didn't listen to me. I told him if he did it again we'd go home without juice and biscuit.

He was so shocked that I follwed it through (because of course he didn't listen to me)
So we've just had a chat about how not listening means he forfeits nice things.

Seems to be going in!.....

grumpyfrumpy Sun 28-May-06 12:37:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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