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What age can i use a Bumbo?

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Marne Sun 28-May-06 11:23:52

DD2 is almost 3 months, big for her age and can hold her head very well.
She hates being led down, can i put her in a bumbo?

WideWebWitch Sun 28-May-06 11:25:17


lahdeedah Sun 28-May-06 11:32:03

as long as your DD can hold her head up well she should be fine.

My DD hated hers though - what a waste of £25!! ended up getting a Baby Bjorn bouncy chair instead, which is fab.

LadyTophamHatt Sun 28-May-06 11:38:23

ds3 managed to get out of his at 14 weeks!

Sold it on here about 3 weeks after I bought it.

Rowlers Sun 28-May-06 11:38:27

try her - if she likes it, use it!
My DD loved it

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