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Tell me about your 16/17 month old

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FaddyPeony Thu 06-Jun-13 17:50:13

What are they into ? DD is currently 30% daft cutie and 70% stroppy nightmare!

mumtolilh Thu 06-Jun-13 19:41:54

My 18 month old lb is now around 50% stroppy otherwise really into pushing cars round on the floor at the moment! He was about 90% stroppy at 16/17 months due to back teeth sad
Also so glad the weather is good as he loves going to the park & swimming smile

minesapintofwine Wed 12-Jun-13 22:54:46

dts are 16 months. dt1 is 50/50 and dt2 is 10% cutie, 90% stroppy. Today. Tomorrow that will change. They are really into climbing and running away in opposite directions. Also dt1 loves cuddly toys dt2 loves exploring and meeting new people (which dt1 is not so keen on he is a bit more clingy-dt2 is def NOT clingy and is a bit over confident really).

FaddyPeony Wed 12-Jun-13 23:17:49

ha, I was just going to update today saying that DD is now 98% stroppy and 2% cutie. It's tiring but you must be even tireder minesa pint! Must be fascinating to watch your two developing.

DD is also into climbing and running away fast hmm
as well as:
wrapping/covering things (cups, plates, teddies) in tea towels or bits of paper
pushing my knees while I am cooking until I pick her up
throwing food off her high chair tray (aims for the potted plants)
pinching and pulling my hair and her own when thwarted from doing something she wants to do shock
reading the same books over and over
dancing very intently to Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke grin

Ray81 Thu 13-Jun-13 08:37:41

DS1 is about 20% cutie 80% stroppy at the moment he is 15 months.

He is also into climbing on anything really but favourite thing is the table and chairs !
Punching, hitting pulling DD2s hair which in turn cause her to scream, this but is a lot of fun NOT.
Calling everyone DAD and growling. He doesn't say anything else and I'm starting to be slightly concerned by this as both DDs spoke very well quite early.
Throwing things this he finds lots of fun.
Destroying what ever his sister has made.
Eating the car food or throwing it everywhere, in a fairness I keep forgetting to put it up out of his way so slightly my fault.

All in all I'm not fond of this age and try to get them out as much as possible.

DD1 is 11 and a dream and always has been and DD2 is 3 and despite the odd strop is also a very good girl I am hoping as DS gets older it will get better.

Ray81 Thu 13-Jun-13 08:45:55

Cat food

MustafaCake Thu 13-Jun-13 08:49:01

DS is getting his back molars so he has days when he is 100% grumpy but others when he is 100% gorgeous.

Shit, shit sleeper.

Favourite pastime is climbing on things. Found him at the top of the towel rail (2m up) in the bathroom this morning.

2nd favourite pastime is playing with shoes.

Has 4 words - Shoes, Daddy, door and cheese (?) and like Ray I'm trying not to be concerned as DS2 spoke very well at this age.

Not at all clingy, loves being out and about.

NoeleenMurph Thu 13-Jun-13 13:01:19

DS is 14 months and getting back teeth at the minute. He is apparently 100% fantastic when I'm at work all day, but the grumpiness and huffing start around 5.30 each day.

He has went off playing with daddy and will cling to me no matter what. Unless of course somebody stands to leave the room/house, then he's all for waving bye-bye and going out.

He has started biting and screaming when he doesn't get what he wants. DH says he's spoilt but i just think (hope!) it's a phase he's going through.

His favourite activities are running away, playing football, climbing, splashing in paddling pool (fully clothed!),singing, dancing and eating absolutley anything he can fit in his mouth.

Is 14months too young for tantrums?? I definitley think it's too young for proper discipline, but would like advice please smile

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