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9month old seperation anxiety

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Samie10 Tue 04-Jun-13 09:11:46

We are on holiday at my parents, almost overnight my 9month old has developed major seperation anxiety, Im more or less attached to her. Anyone else had this? I understand new environment, people etc will have caused this but it's a dramatic behaviour change for parents can bearly touch her and what should have been a much needed, relaxing time is turning out to be quite stressful. I know it's her age etc but if anyone has been through this and has some advice please tell me!!!!

BoysRule Tue 04-Jun-13 13:40:25

There isn't really much you can do apart from wait for the phase to end. Distraction can give you some time - e.g. put DC down and get them playing or interested in something then sneak off. My parents were great with this and my mum could get DS so distracted he didn't notice me sneaking out and as long as he didn't see me going and was distracted enough while I was gone he was fine.

When DS1 was 9 months DH and I went on a mini break, we snuck out of my parents house without saying goodbye and DS didn't cry the whole weekend. However, when we walked back in the room after two nights away, he cried solidly for about 10 minutes while I held him. I think he only realised we had gone when we came back!

Samie10 Tue 04-Jun-13 15:05:33

Haha....I might try that xx

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