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my son is doing oh so well, however when we are alone and i leave the room he cries like crazy!!!

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kutilputil Thu 25-May-06 12:57:03

i need help!my son always cries if i leave the room and sometimes will cry when i sit next to him and wont stop till i pick him up.he is comming upto six months and although we both have done so well so far, it is becoming hard to cope with the constant crying when i need to get so much done in a day!!!!

hasbean Thu 25-May-06 12:59:20

It is normal around this age to cry when you leave the room. Try not to pick him up each time he does it. Can you take him with you (in a bouncy chair or something ) so he can still see you whilst you do what you need to.

biglips Thu 25-May-06 13:06:49

aawwww i remember mine used to be like that and she is still abit like that now (she is 19 mths old) but ive always said to her "ill be back in a minute" till she got the idea of what i said actually mean! but if your ds start crying when youre out of the room dont go running back to him or you will find it more difficult for you to do anything, what i do is sing and my DD knows that im not far away from her... if the dishes needs washing, put your DS in a bouncy chair and bring him into the kitchen and sing away - my DD used to love that.

kutilputil Thu 25-May-06 13:13:30

he is with me right now, on my lap!what can i do, he is my first and i feel like im letting him down if i dont attend to his needs.Sometimes even if i take him with me he cries!

biglips Thu 25-May-06 13:17:07

you do need to have time to yourself too! and dont feel guilty (my DD is my first too). Maybe hes tired if he cried even when hes with you.

Bugsy2 Thu 25-May-06 13:46:53

look at it this way kutilputil, if you had 2 other children or even one, you wouldn't feel as though you were letting your ds down if you couldn't have him with you every second of the day.
My dd used to cry whenever I was out of eyesight and has only recently stopped trailing around the house after me (she is 4). However, as she was my 2nd, I didn't feel guilty or as though I were letting her down, I just thought she was a pain!!!
Its probably a phase & will pass - don't get too upset about it - they pick up on that more than anything.
Good luck & enjoy your baby as much as possible.

Yummymum1 Thu 25-May-06 13:50:58

You must do what feels right for you kutilputil.My ds was the same and i tended to his every cry because i felt that was what i should do.He is now 5 and has always demanded attention and until fairly recently has found it difficult to ammuse himself.Ds2 obviously was treated differently in that respect as i simply didnt have time to go to him immediately he whinged as i was dealing with jealous ds1!Ds2 now nearly 3 and totally different child.has always ammused himself and happy doing so.Nature,nurture i dont know!?,but whatver you feel is right for you.

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