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Potty training - going backwards.....

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vivat Sun 01-Feb-04 19:48:20

We toilet trained my ds just after his third birthday last November with a reasonable amount of success ie had been going on his own, with the odd accident here and there (this was after a first disastrous attempt last summer which got everyone upset so we went back to pullups).

He now is totally refusing to do poos in the toilet - you can see by his pants he is desperate, but sit him on the loo (refuses the potty point blank) and he sits there without trying, then 5 mins later does one in his pants. He did this four times yesterday and two or three times a day for the past week. As you can imagine this is driving me up the wall. Shall i just put him back in pullups and wait for this phase to pass. I wondered whether it is hurting him, so have been liberally applying cream etc, but he is just refusing to do them in the toilet - help anyone ?!!!!

lailag Sun 01-Feb-04 20:27:08

same here; ds also 3 y in nov and started more serious potty training shorthly after that, will not poo in toilet and became quite constipated. So when he walks around "like a hen who wants to lay an egg" I end up putting nappies on. Just think that if I hazzle him too much he will just become more constiped again and don't think it is worth the "struggle".

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