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stickers for getting dressed for ds 2.8?

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eastendgirl Wed 24-May-06 19:21:24

has anybody tried this? we used stickers very successfully for toilet training and tooth brushing. Getting dressed has become a tiresome battle of wills, my fault I using stickers advisable?

JiminyCricket Wed 24-May-06 19:33:48

Uggh this is a nightmare for us at the moment, guess what, dd1 is 2.8 too. Some things work for a while - particularly
'which book will I read you if you get dressed nicely?' (or page if in a hurry)
Currently I am using the mumsnet pasta jar for all behavious anyway and going quite well.

Yummymum1 Wed 24-May-06 21:01:18

We too had exactly the same and even now (age 5!)getting dressed a struggle.Our latest attempt is a sand egg timer so he can see how long he has and he has to do it before it runs out.Seems to be working at the moment.What a nightmare though,just what you dont need in the morning!!

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