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How do you know when your DC are ready to be potty trained?

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nomorekisses Sun 26-May-13 11:25:03

DS is 2.5. He understands about the potty, he will mimic us going to the toilet - pulling down trousers and taking off his nappy - even sitting on the toilet and wiping himself.

BUT when we put him on the potty or toilet to try and wee etc, he refuses. Point blank. Yesterday he got off the potty as I was encouraging him to do his poo there, went into his bedroom and pooed on the carpet instead.

He is interested in everything 'around' it (to the point of demanding when we're out that we visit the public toilets, 'because I need to go to the toilet') but refusing to do anything on it.

Is he ready? How do we move things forward?

And should we just be leaving potties around and doing it slowly, or tackling it quickly and with a strategy etc?

Thanks. No idea what I'm doing!

AuntieBrenda Sun 26-May-13 11:28:36

Marking my place here as I have been wondering the exact same thing!

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