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bottle or breast....?

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Rebecca75 Sat 25-May-13 21:59:19

My dd is 6 weeks old although I feel like she's much older as its been such a full on time. She has reflux which is pretty much under control with meds. I have been exclusively b.feeding up until a few days ago, I've been stretching out her feeds to stop her 'snacking' as it makes the reflux worse so she feeds approx every 3 hours which she hates - she's screaming for a feed and I try to distract her. Anyway the last few days I've been so I'll that she's been bottle fed - she seems more settled after a bottle feed.
I'm full of guilt for thinking of bottle feeding but she does settle well after a bottle. Also I'm desperate to have a routine as I have a 2 year old boy so can't sit b.feeding all day long...

Any advice?

LeoTheLateBloomer Sat 25-May-13 22:02:21

You need to do what's best for you and your baby. You've given her the best possible start up until now; please don't feel guilty about switching to bottle if that's the most workable option.

Thurlow Sat 25-May-13 22:08:55

You've given her a great start. I'm sure someone with lots of experience bf'ing will come along and might be able to suggest ways to make bf work better for you. But many babies are ff from birth and have done great. You shouldn't feel any guilt for making a decision which is best for everyone in your family. If you feel more relaxed giving bottles and you think your DD is settled, great. If you feel that you want to give bf a chance for longer, great. Or you could think about mixed feeding?

Rebecca75 Sun 26-May-13 05:12:01

Having written this post before bed, I have been breeding during the night as did was v sick - prob too much milk and then all through the night she's been writhing with trapped wind as has now done the most hideously stinky greeny-cream-brown poo so something not right.... Or is that normal?

Jenijena Sun 26-May-13 06:04:38

Your poor windy daughter and you sad bf poo varies so much you can't automatically associate colour of poo with healthiness. Hope someone more knowledgeable turns up soon, but having had a big puker I generally fed him as much as possible (as so much came out again).

LeoTheLateBloomer Sun 26-May-13 06:57:01

I'm no expert either but my mw used to tell me that green poo was a sign of too much snacking when the baby's just getting fore milk and not the really good stuff.

Sorry you had a bad night sad

Rebecca75 Sun 26-May-13 19:44:00

Bad night followed by awful day. Dd has slept all day, I have had to force her awake to offer feeds which have all come straight back up, wind like you wouldn't believe, all reflux symptoms really. I'm now wondering if she has a cows milk allergy too - apparently quite common to have both. I've managed to get her another Hosp apt on Wednesday so will see what they say and also see if symptoms decrease with her being back on the boob.
I'm so stressed, my mood swings are HUGE, am at my wits end and wanting to murder my oh.......

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