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sleeping bag/duvets

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steph01 Wed 22-May-13 22:11:57

My 18 month old is a real wriggler in bed, he currently sleeps in a sleeping bag, but the sleeping bag will soon be to smal. Ive tried a duvet made for cot beds but he wriggles out of it.
What can i do to make sure he stays warm at night?
Any ideas?

mikkii Wed 22-May-13 22:27:37

You can buy a size 18-36 months sleeping bag. Alternatively a onsie, or just turn up the heating! Joking aside, try a single duvet, put it on the bed sideways and tuck under the mattress.

Neither of my older 2 DC stay in their covers. I pop into their rooms later, as I go to bed and recover them. Generally if they get cold they grab the covers back over themselves. The LO seems not to move much as she stays covered up.

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