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Bedtime routine in ruins

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spaceangel1382 Tue 21-May-13 19:54:57

Since my DD was a few months old she has had the same bedtime routine. Bath, pj's, story and bed. She's 2.5 now and it's always worked.
We have just been away for 2 weeks and pretty much kept the routine and she slept excellent as always. Now we are back it's like her routine is totally alien to her. She gets out if bed, scream until purple in the face. Making up reasons why I should go to her ( I'm sick, I have a snotty nose, I need you, in sorry etc).
We're following the advice if taking her back to bed without interacting with her, but she is persistent. It's taken an hour tonight. It's the 3 rd night so hoping it gets better really soon.

coronalover Tue 21-May-13 21:15:17

I've had to deal with this a few times with my DS. Same as you he's had a consistent routine but occasionally it goes horribly wrong and he won't go to bed. At about 2.5 yo we tried a star chart to reward going to bed and staying there quietly! It worked for our DS at that age (no other reward other than the star sticker smile)
Since then he had another wobble and the star stickers alone didn't work so we bribed him with chocolate the following day! After a few nights it worked amd once he was back in his routine we stopped mentioning the chocolate and he forgot about it.
Stick with putting her back in bed quickly too.

Good luck smile

awwwwmannnn Tue 21-May-13 21:36:35

must be an age thing, as my DD was amazing - soon as she hit 2.5 she became a nightmare when bedtime and sleeping came into it!! she wouldn't settle without one of us being with her, would wake up god knows how many times in the night....she is slowly starting to get back to normal, so hoping and praying it sorts itself out soon as i am one knackered mumma lol x

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