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Angry Baby!

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Ds is 14mo and in the last few weeks has been having huge tantrums and has big mood swings. One minute he's playing happily and the next minute he'll start throwing his toys and lashing out. If he doesn't want to do something he will hit me or dp and shake in anger. In between these tantrums he's happy and sociable. He eats well (too well but thats another thread!), sleeps well, has a good nap every day and no health issues. CM says he plays well with others and is happy to share but gets angry when another child is getting more attention. For example, one of the other mindees woke up crying from a nap so CM had him on her knee for a cuddle and ds started hitting her legs to get attention.

An example today is when we were playing outside earlier and it started to rain so I picked ds up to come inside and he kicked and hit me all the way into the house. As soon as I found something to distract him with he was fine again. I don't know if its anger at not being understood when he's trying to talk to us (he's very chatty but only about 6 discernible words!) or if he's getting too much / too little stimulation?

Has anyone else come across this? How did you manage the behaviour? We do say 'No' but it has no effect. Do I just need to accept that the toddler tantrums are starting early and ride it out?

Thanks for any advice.

Anyone? There must be other angry babies out there?

PurpleThing Tue 21-May-13 15:26:00

Terrible twos mean the second year of life. Really what you describe is just normal toddler behaviour. They won't all do it but it's not unusual.

IME yes it get's better when they can communicate better so just encourage all communication - talking, pointing, dragging you to something they want.

Rather than saying NO, you could try and describe more so he understands the difference between dangerous and, I'd rather you didn't, so its not just a constant barrage of NOs. So "OW!" or "Hot!" "Sharp!" for kitchen things and "Gentle" for pets, babies, expensive equipment etc.

Also have you got one of those all in one rain suits? Similar outfit for yourself also recommended. Sometimes it's better for your sanity to just avoid some meltdowns.

They are going through a massive stage of development from dependant baby to independent child. Some people will advocate ignoring tantrums but at this age I feel they are often overwhelmed by emotions and need you to help calm them down. Distraction sometimes works well but also let him express himself and name his emotions for him. You are angry I won't let you climb in the bin. You are disappointed there are no more biscuits. Some like to be cuddled out of it, some need their own space. You will work out what is best for your ds. Then he'll be onto a new stage!

Thanks for replying. I'll definitely trying using words other than no as I don't want his day to become listening to me telling him off iyswim. We do a lot if walking so are well equiped for rain and I think he reacts better to distraction than to cuddles or ignoring. I don't think I could ignore even if I tried. I'm glad to hear its normal for his age and I do think a lot of it is frustration at not being understood so maybe necessary to do more wrt to communication.

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