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Please help I'm at my wits end. DS biting

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ChesterCake Tue 21-May-13 11:59:10

We've had to leave a baby group early this morning because DS bas bitten 3 other children and also hit a few. I don't know what to do anymore!

He has always bitten, since he got his first tooth at 5 months he has bitten regularly, but we have consistently told him off since the first time he's He is 14 months old and since his birthday he has been biting other children and its just getting worse by the day.

I've tried ignoring it, giving the other child lots of attention, naughty corner, ExDP even bit him back hmm but none of this has had any effect.

He's being labelled at groups as a horrible and aggressive little boy and I don't have a single friend now because of the way he is at groups,

Does anyone have any suggestions that might get him to stop biting? Thank you

MadameSin Tue 21-May-13 12:18:38

14 months is soooo young ... I fear there is very little you can do apart from remove him from the situation .. that and follow him like a hawke! Naughty corner and biting back will do nothing, beleive me, I tried them blush My ds1 was a biter and it was vert stressful, I was one step behind him all the time. It doesn't make for a relaxing and sociable time at toddler groups. I'm almost sure it was frustration due to lack of communication skills. He bit at nursery and out and about ... it lasted for about a year sorry to say. Nursery were great and said it was quite common. some kids hit, some pinch, some headbut and some bite ... don't feel bad and be reassured it's a phase.

ChesterCake Tue 21-May-13 13:07:41

Thank you for replying, I am cross with ExDP for biting him anyway but i can see if he had had a morning with him like I have today it was worth a go!

I think I have to just be resigned to always being one step behind him, I might try learning a bit of baby sign with him and see if that could help his frustration!

Misty9 Tue 21-May-13 22:46:15

I feel your pain (no pun intended!) as our 20mo has been a biter for months now. Touch wood, it's not as bad now but at one point I had to watch him like a hawk when with other children as he'd bite if other children got too close/had a toy he wanted/looked at him funny (!) etc etc.

Things we did to help: bought 'teeth are not for biting', a board book for toddlers which he really liked reading...and now doesn't seem to bite so much. Probably the most effective thing I did (as the sahp) was to really be aware of possible triggers such as hunger/tiredness/teething. We've never been one for routine but I tried extra hard to get the basics in place!

If it seems like teething - and 14mo is classic molar teething time - then giving him something to bite on/chew on can be helpful (apologies if you've tried everything mentioned)

Finally, if ds is getting aggressive (we've now bought 'hands are not for hitting'...) I take it as a signal he needs something, even if that's just more attention, so I usually take him aside and either cuddle him or try to verbalise what he's feeling (he's not really talking yet). Oh, and the biting seems to have reduced at the same time as ensuring we do rough and tumble with him regularly, to help work off/through big feelings.

Sorry about the essay! I can really empathise with the horrible feeling of being a mother of a biter.

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