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Crying - 4 week old

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bouncer Tue 23-May-06 12:07:23

After you've checked everything, nappy, feed, temperature, cuddle etc and baby still cries, do you leave her for a while then go back and check on her or stay with her until she stops?

spidermama Tue 23-May-06 12:14:15

I always kept mine close and it seems to help. I carried them around in slings whilst doing housework etc and just feed them on demand.

Sometimes, though, they just cry and there seems to be no reason. It's hard for you I know. Remember though, it's not possible to 'spoil' very young babies so don't believe it when people trot out all the crap about making a rod for your own back.

Good luck and I hope your baby settles.

Kelly1978 Tue 23-May-06 12:21:29

If a cuddle helps, I cuddle them. If nothing helps then I leave them. If they are going to cry in your arms, then they might as well do it slightly further from earshot. I used to find if it was nothing you mentioned it was tiredness and they would sleep if left to it.

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