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4 month old pulling his own hair when grumpy

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Loubyloulou88 Mon 20-May-13 03:05:54

My 4 mo ds has recently started putting his hands to the back of his head and pulling at his hair. He tends to do it when he's getting grumpy, but its awful because he grabs a load and pulls that hard that he makes himself even more upset! ��

Has anyone else experienced this and if so did it last long?? Is there anything I can do??

LillyofWinchester Mon 20-May-13 08:53:39

My son scratches his head when tired or hungry, not exactly the same but similar. I put mittens on him, or use baby grows which have mitten sections for the hands, then remove the when he's not likely to scratch. If I see him do it and I don't have mittens available I just gently pull his hand away.

Hopefully this is just a phase and won't last long, perhaps if you use mittens for a while he will stop associating grumpiness with hair pulling.

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