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Verruca Salt not match for this one

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SecondhandRose Mon 22-May-06 16:18:48

Can you believe this

There is a 6yr old girl in DD's class who keeps giving DD fictitious invitations to go round her house. I told DD it was all getting rather stupid and if there really is an invitation then her Mum will ring me.

Anyway to get to the point on Sat took DD to a party and the girl was there. She said to me can you believe this in a big voice “Mrs .., I didn’t like what you said about me very much” “You told .. I was stupid”. Can you believe a 6yr old kid said that to me. I nearly fell over. I should have said no .... you’re not stupid just incredibly spoiled and precocious. I am still reeling from it now!

Another day same child came up again and said “Mrs ....., when can .... come round my house, I was thinking the 18 or 19 May” In this big hoity toity voice. Yeuch. I told her that her Mum would ring me if there was an invitation. OK she said and off she went. I think I’ll call her Verruca in future not stupid!

kipper22 Mon 22-May-06 17:09:42

what do people do to their lo's to make them this way?! remember a girl in my sister's class when they were 9 or 10. she was constantly determined to convince my sister to be her best friend & tried to get her to go round for tea (always asling my mum in the way you've described.) she ended up telling my mum that she would be having a birthday party a month later and her dad had arranged to hire a mini big wheel to put in the garden. she went on about it for the next few weeks and my mum insisted my sister went (with a decent present!) because of the expense the family were going to. turned out my sister was the only guest a a tea party with all the old rellies! needless to say they didn't become best buddies! (and sis is still struggling to forgive mum more than 15 years later!)

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