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What's the best way to settle into a new nursery?

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Tt1803 Wed 15-May-13 11:54:01

We will be moving soon and leaving our beloved childminder who has had my DS since he was 5 months. My DS is 18 months old and I am quite nervous about how he'll react. I'm nervous in general how he'll react to moving because he always sleeps unbelievably badly whenever we stay somewhere else (which is quite often). Obviously I know I just have to suck it up but I would like to think of the best way for things to not be too unsettling for him. We also may need to stay at my mother's for a time as the new house is in a state and needs work so that is another upheaval.

Should I take some time off work and ease him into going to nursery? Half days for a week or so? A few days on a few days off?

I haven't committed to the nursery yet but have been feeling like this is a good option for him. I am worried though as the flexibility of my CM and the fact that she has such a bond with my DS have been so wonderful. I know this obviously can't be the same at nursery. Will it be quite overwhelming for him to move house and adjust to such a different format? (rather than finding a new childminder or nanny share for more of a one on one bond).

flossymuldoon Wed 15-May-13 12:10:27

Is it possible to have a few weeks of decreasing the time he spends with the CM and increasing the time spent at nursery or is distance an issue?

Before my DS started at his nursery in earnest he did 3 weeks of 2 half days a week, and then 2 weeks of 2 full days a week, before doing the 3 1/2 days a week he does now. That was only possible or me as i was still on adoption leave and not back at work so i appreciate it might not be as simple as you doing something like that.

Your DS will have a key worker at nursery so it's perfectly possible that he would develop a good bond with him/her. My DS has bonded particularly well with 2 of them.

They are big changes so are likely to unsettle him a bit but i don't think it will be down to change of format, more to the changing environments.

Tt1803 Wed 15-May-13 12:15:28

Thanks for your response Flossy. Unfortunately distance is an issue, we are moving to the other side of London otherwise I would never let her go! I do have some holiday days left though that I could use. The problem is that he goes full time so it is quite extreme and not really any settling/down time with me.

MillionPramMiles Wed 15-May-13 12:59:45

My 12 month old dd has just settled into nursery, I think finding the right nursery that suits your child is key. Eg is sleep an issue? My dd naps terribly so I needed somewhere that would put the effort in to getting her to nap, at a time that suited her. Also, is feeding a concern? When dd started nursery she was refusing most finger foods and anything not pureed smooth. The nursery was great about making food especially for her whilst encouraging her to eat lumpy/finger food. Food and sleep are probably the two key things to keeping my dd happy!
Will you have the chance to talk in detail with the nursery about any concerns you have and the strategies they'll use?
How many different members of staff will look after your ds? They'll have a key worker but usually a number of staff will look after the child. Could you ask the nursery to ensure a small number of staff get to know your DS to beging with until he's settled?

I do sympathise, I was really worried when my dd started nursery at 10 months but she is so happy there now, gets excited when she's dropped off and sometimes wants to keep playing when she is picked up. Its all been down to the nursery and its staff being fantastic though.

Noggie Wed 15-May-13 13:20:52

Think if you can take time off work that would be ideal. Maybe a few days at home just with you and then a few short days settling at new nursery? His key worker should be working hard to form a bond with him but I can totally understand how hard it must feel to move him away from your cm x hope it goes well x

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