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Hysterics from 4 yr old DS - Help!

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Flatoutnautilus Tue 14-May-13 20:27:27


Please tell me this is normal? Lovely natured (and rather sensitive ds) just started doing long days at nursery (3 until 3pm and the rest of the days are half days) is having MEGA meltdowns. We had about 6 on Sunday alone and he wasn't ill or unrested.

I'm at wits end as he's usually been very good natured and compliant. I'm finding it hard to know what is manipulative and whats not. At first I thought it was the testosterone surge that I'd heard happens at 4 approx. but since researching this more Ive learnt that this is a myth.

Apart from 'time out' I'm not sure what to do. We've always had good boundaries but don't do stuff like the 'naughty step' as apart from about 3 months of angry tantrums at 3 ish, he's been fine.

Any thoughts or ideas most appreciated!


aliharris Tue 14-May-13 20:38:16

The testosterone surge may be a myth but it definitely happens! Our ds is also pretty well behaved (mostly), but he and the other boys at his nursery who are starting school in September have all started going beserk. The nursery say "boys, hormones, ready for school".
Ds has started a fourth morning at nursery as we wanted to get him used to going more often and I have to say he is noticeably more tired.
We didn't have much success with the naughty step, but have found sending him to his room (where there are plenty of toys etc) works well, and he sorts himself out and comes down when he's ready to apologise.
We can usually judge when we're heading for a hormone surge as he goes through an eating phase where he seems to be hungry all the time.
Hang in there, he'll be fine in a week or so (altho the meltdowns will no doubt reappear at some point).

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