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cot to bed help.

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pipsqueakz Mon 13-May-13 19:08:06

Well tonight is first night ds is in big boys bed. Not going very well. To extent dh and I are having to take in turns to go up and see to him. Any advice would be appreciated.

OneoftheseBoxes Mon 13-May-13 19:13:53

We started this 4 weeks ago. We followed Jo Frost's 'sleep separation': you say goodnight as usual and put into bed. Then sit near the bed, not close enough to talk, silently. We found it best to sit facing away, back to bed. You wait till they go to sleep. The next night you do the same. The next night the same, but move further away from the bed. Over the nights you move away from the bed, to the door, til you are outside it. After a few nights you don't have to stay any more. It take ages (3 plus weeks for us), and ruins your evenings, but now we just stay for a few mins outside the door to make sure she's comfortable, then can go downstairs an she doesn't get out. Worse is that you have to do the same thing if they get up in the night. But better we thought than running up and down the stairs and having your evening wrecked anyway. Good luck

Patchouli Mon 13-May-13 19:16:22

Sorry, no advice. I was rubbish...
With DD1 I ended up lying with her to get her to sleep for flippin' ages: months and months.
It wears you out, pretending to be asleep.
I've got it coming up within the next year with DD2 and I'm expecting it to be a nightmare.
How well did he settle in his cot?

pipsqueakz Mon 13-May-13 19:21:12

He settled lovely in his cot and doesn't get up at night at all. Quick update he is asleep at present. Fingers crossed for me plz smile

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