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Tiny toddler

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katpev Mon 13-May-13 10:37:48

I've got a very tiny daughter. She's 17 months, weighs 8.5kg and is 74cm tall. She's neither gained weight nor height in about 6 months and wears 6-9 month clothes happily.
She's walking and talking well, is very happy and content, sleeps well. So, anyone else got this situation- after a lot of demanding, I'm back off to the paed next week, but any advice on what to check? Really worried about the lack of physical development in 1/2 year- my son was light, but a normal height... Many thanks!

CreatureRetorts Mon 13-May-13 10:49:37

Mine is 17 months and slight. Heavier than yours but still around the 9kg mark.
I've no idea about her weight gain- I don't take her to get weighed and she's growing very slowly I think.

Is she walking a lot? Trying to talk? How are her fine motor skills?

CreatureRetorts Mon 13-May-13 10:50:42

Sorry what I meant was if she's active that might be why her weight hasnt gone up. Her height - that depends. What are your family like?

beagoodgirl Mon 13-May-13 10:53:04

Hi,just wondering what your paediatrician has said so far? I dont know if this will help you or not but my daughter is 19 months, around 9kg,75/6 cm,she has Turner syndrome,has anyone mentioned this to you?

katpev Mon 13-May-13 11:46:27

CreatureRetorts, both husband and I average sized. She's active, but not manic. Eats well, sometimes better than others, but then what's new! Beagoodgirl, paed wants me to go away. Keeps saying she looks fine, meeting milestones etc, but not convinced what is Turner syndrome?

katpev Mon 13-May-13 11:48:58

Just googled Turner, and don't think that applies, as other than small, no other symptoms...

Bumpsadaisie Mon 13-May-13 12:43:00

I have an acquaintance whose son seemed to grow normally at first then stopped at about 9 mths. Turned out he had a growth hormone disorder. He was under the paediatrician and they managed to stimulate his growth hormones just by making dietary changes. He's now on the small side but growing normally and catching up.

If she is doing well otherwise could it be something like this?

Not sure what the paed is on, surely no growth at all in 6 months merits some investigation?

RandomMess Mon 13-May-13 12:45:33

What are peoples heights like further back in your family? For example one tiny grandparent on either side can mean that you have a tiny child.

I agree though that you should insist on staying under the paeds just in case there is a hormone growth issue or similar.

CreatureRetorts Mon 13-May-13 12:49:09

My DH and his family are all very small so I think that's where my dd gets it from.

It's hard to measure toddlers height so I'd be wary of that. Also weight gain does slow down in the second year. Maybe dhe'll have a spurt around 18 months - there is one about then.

beagoodgirl Mon 13-May-13 15:34:02

Maybe she's just a petite little girl! She sounds fine in every other way. Hopefully you will get some answers or reassurance next week,make sure you keep on at the paediatrician if you are concerned though.

MiaSparrow Mon 13-May-13 21:25:28

Hi OP I had a very little one who was still in 6-9 months clothes way beyond her first birthday, maybe even as late as 17 months, I can't quite remember, but I do recall there was a period where she just didn't seem to grow at all for about 6 months - but just as we were beginning to get a bit concerned, she suddenly shot up! Now at 27 months she's mainly in 18-24 clothes, and even some 2-3yrs. She's smaller than her peers still, but nobody would think it was out of the ordinary. She'll be petite - I'm one of the tallest female relatives at 5 foot 2.5. hmm

IceBergJam Sun 19-May-13 12:52:26

My 17M is 19lbs and 73cm. She started off born 7lbs10. I get very panicy about her size but I am under 5 foot. Her dad is over 6 foot.

We have a paed appointment next month but this is for a sleep apnea assessment, and xrays on her spine/ chest because the doctor wasn't sure if they curved the wrong way.

I do wish she would grow.

RandomMess Sun 19-May-13 12:56:59

IceBergJam, I'm just 5' (with tiny family) and dh is 6'3" (with tall family), our 3 girls all started off huge and have ended up completely different heights - one super tall, one is going to be less than average. Genetics are a funny thing! Hope she gets the all clear.

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