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24-month-old doesn't say Mummy

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Fazerina Sun 12-May-13 11:24:09

He says Daddy though hmm.. His speech is delayed I think as well so have made an appointment with HV to get a referral to SALT. He is trilingual (well, so far only has words in two languages). Just hoping to hear others have also had this..?

Fazerina Mon 13-May-13 23:32:59

madhousequeen thanks for your comments. Yes I have zero trust in the HVs in my area in general so wouldn't be too surprised if I was met with the comments you describe. I was actually thinking to visit the children's centre this week with DS, as I know they do a singing session for toddlers with a SALT so I could maybe have a quick chat there and make an appointment as well.

In terms of a hearing test, do you know if the HV can refer DS for this or is it done via the GP? If the HV can refer, then I'll maybe keep the appointment I have, but otherwise if I get the SALT appointment directly, I think I'll just cancel the HV.. Just because I don't generally like going there, as I've always found them utterly useless.

Another thing I was wondering about is how do they do the hearing test on toddlers? Just curious to find out how it works that's all smile..

madhousequeen Tue 14-May-13 07:45:37

our HV did the hearing test referral.

during the hearing test they will play certain sounds at different frequencies and see if the child turns to the corner from which the sound is coming from... but in a very child friendly way. we had this test with DC1 at 16 months and he did not have a lot of receptive language at that point but we managed the test.
they might also do a tympanogramm (have a google) to see if he has fluids build up in the middle ear ('glue ear').

is he communicating well in other ways than language? pointing? is he bringing you things to show you? telling you somehiw if he wants something?

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