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Can anyone help re baby massage and antibiotics?

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NutBiscuit Fri 10-May-13 10:30:12

I'm supposed to start a baby massage course today with 6 week old DS, but he's on prophylactic antibiotics as he has potential reflux of urine back into his kidney from the bladder. So he doesn't actually have an infection or anything, he's just on the ab's just in case.

The baby massage instructor rang me this morning and said she doesn't usually like to do massage on babies on ab's as it can increase circulation. I can't get hold of my GP or health visitor so just wondered if anyone had any experience of this?

She said i could still come and practice on a doll, but DS will be on ab's until he's at least 6 months old, so I'm not sure there's any point in going if I'm never going to be able to use the techniques.

Sorry, I'm rambling. Any input gratefully received!

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