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Routine for 12 week old

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Cupcakemummy85 Thu 09-May-13 22:08:23

Please can anyone advise or tell me what their routine is for a twelve week old baby as my dd2 gets very distressed when over tired and I just think she needs a routine but don't know where to start. Been having problems with breastfeeding so might switch to bottles which might help with a routine. If anyone could please please help I would be ever so grateful. Dd1 was a breeze compared with number 2 lol

Karen4007 Thu 09-May-13 22:35:37

Same! Dd2 a nightmare especially reflux etc. But I simplified things to an evening routine and the rest sort of followed. At 12 weeks I started putting her to 'bed' at 7. Then even when she woke up fir feeds etc, did not take her out the room, just fed in there. She is 6 months now and weaned at 18 weeks due to reflux. We do not wake her up in the morning, I wait til she wakes up naturally as I read this helps if they wake at night, they do jot expect you to be there. Then we have breakfast, then bottle. Lunch at 12 ish (never panic if I am a bit late or early) dinner at 4.30, so does not interfere with cooking family dinner then bottle and take get up at 6.30. Get her changed, sit for a cuddle and put her down at 7. She still wakes up at night for a feed but HV and doc agree that she is probably only hungry then as she sucks up most her dinner. Your baby is still young, so try and stick with it for a few weeks. I never really did it with dd1, and I def think it has helped! Good luck

Karen4007 Thu 09-May-13 22:36:56

sorry for all typos! Am on phone and have fat fingers lol

lazzaroo Fri 10-May-13 02:20:46

Have ebf 18 week old & also started bedtime routine t about 3 months. She feeds at about 6.30/7ish depending on last nap and then goes down in cot after that.

With daytimes, I don't do set nap times as she's a bit unpredictable with wake up times (should she ever decide to lie in, I would not e waking her!! ) and so I follow a general rule of max. 2 hours awake between naps. This might be more like 1.5hours at 12 weeks. She is a cat-napper, rarely doing more than 45mins, so usually has 4 naps between get up & bed. This really helps me, as she doesn't really show her tiredness but if left too long gets overtired & hard to settle. It also means she's a bit more flexible than having set times which helps with getting out & about with dd1.

So, I'd try that from when she wakes & bedtime will fall into place. Good luck!

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