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Concerns over sleeping.

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Munz Sat 20-May-06 11:10:34

I know it should be in sleep but the page thingy isn't working.

anyhow after worrying about his feeding habits! (I seem to constantly worry these days!) we've now switched to sleeping! is it possible for a baby to sleep too much, for example yesterday - we got up at 9.00am (he had a 4am feed and then stayed down till 8 so he came on the bed with me for an hour) he fed for about 10 mins (i've since worked out the position I had him in no longer suits him! lol) anyhow he fed, had a play and was asleep again by 10 but only for half hour as the dog barked and woke him up, anyhow, he fed again at 11.15 ish and then went to sleep from 12noon until 4pm, but didn't want to be fed again until 4.15 (but he was then on for half hour).

he stayed awake until 8 (fed at 6.30, and a little one at 8.00) then went to sleep from 8pm, DH gave him a dream feed at 10.30 he took 4oz and started to murmer a bit about 3.15 so I gave him another EBM this time he only took 2 oz, so i'm sure he didn't really want it, anyhow he stayed down till 7am, then fed at 7 and 9 had 45 mins sleep inbetween at 9 he fed for 10 mins then went to sleep again at 10.30am, the thing is thou he's been consistant until now on the 3 hour easy thingy, but these long naps have thrown me off a bit, althou they don't seem to be effecting him night sleeping.

should I worry yet he's sleeping too much or jsut roll with it do the house work get dinner done then get some kip myself?

he's 12 weeks btw.

Yummymum1 Sat 20-May-06 18:47:28

Munz,I would think hes prob its not as if hes sleeping and not feeding.Perhaps hes just having a growth spurt?Its funny isnt it,we spend so much time worrying about things when we should be making the most of the quiet times!!I say get into bed too for weekend but if you still worried monday speak to HV.

Marne Sat 20-May-06 18:52:00

Saffron has been asleep all day, she just wakes up has a feed and falls asleep but yestaday she was awake all day, she seems to have 2 sleepy days and then 2 days where she's awake all day and she sleeps well at night sometimes only feeding once in the night. (she's 10 weeks)

nicnack2 Sat 20-May-06 19:13:23

ds1 is 10 weeks and his sleep pattern varies. Today he has been awake since 830 and has only had cat nape of 15 mins 3 times today. is lyin on floor wide awake. feeding every3/4 hours. Does this for a couple of days then sleeps for britain if he id developing 'normally' (or as the book says) then dont worry

Munz Sat 20-May-06 22:32:05

thanks gals, ur right vick, we shouldn't worry, but as mum says we wouldn't be mums if we didn't worry! lol.

he slept today till 12.30 then from 1.30 to 4 and has gone to bed at 8 again so we'll see how tonight goes - dare I say he's going to start a pattern? lol.

bramblina Sat 20-May-06 22:40:55

Oh Munz it sounds like bliss! Make the most of it. It could well be a growth spurt. I got a row in hosp for not waking my baby- he slept 8 hrs the night he was born. I will not wake a sleeping baby. If yours is happy & healthy then just be proud.

Munz Sun 21-May-06 10:51:11

well he woke st 1.15 after that and took 2 oz again, then at 6, am going to wait for a few weeks and then try to stop the 1.30 ish feed as it's only 2 oz and see if he'll take 5 oz at 10.30 instead of 4.

it would seem the easy plan's no longer working for him! lol, still it was good whilst it lasted!

no i'd never wake him up - did that once when he was a week old after the m/w said 'play' with his feeding times so he feeds every 3 hours at day and wake him up if u have to only did it for a day - won't do it again.

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