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head control in 11 week old?

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anchovies Sat 20-May-06 10:47:55

How good should this be? Ds2 has still got a very wobbly head, certainly couldn't sit in a bumbo like other babies I know his age?

Marne Sat 20-May-06 10:59:26

dd2 (9.5 weeks) still has a wobbly head, dd1 could hold her head well at 8 weeks.

Munz Sat 20-May-06 11:01:36

joey can hold his up now but he gets tired and it flops down! he's been trying since the day he popped it out to be nosey and hold it up. he's 12 weeks, don't think i'd be confident to put him in a bumbo thou.

amber5 Sat 20-May-06 11:03:19

i think it varies a lot. my 17 wk dd's head is still pretty wobbly and i've seen plenty of others much stronger than hers. mention it to your HV if you're not sure

Hoopoe Sat 20-May-06 21:39:15

My 12 week dd couldn't sit in one...

MerlinsBeard Sat 20-May-06 21:41:19

well bumbos are recommened from 4 months so ur ds is still young, i sat my ds2 in one at exactly 4 months and his head was too floppy for it, sat him in a chair instead, they all develop at different rates

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