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Anyone else dealing with Chicken Pox at the moment?

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Prozacbear Wed 08-May-13 08:40:00

It seems to be going round where we are, and DS (2.2) has finally caught it.

He's been banned from nursery for the week, so I'm 'working' from home. He's fine during the day, a bit whingy and far less tolerant of what he wants not happening. And he's not itching, which is a blessing, despite looking like a sunburned leopard.

But at night, he's terrible! He runs a temperature that starts at 7pm practically on the dot, and wails and wails, I feel really sorry for him. By 4am we gave in and he has been watching Room on the Broom on a loop quite literally since then - everything else made him scream.

Not quite sure what to do ... on the one hand I can do some work. On the other, I think he's addicted. Hmm.

Anyone else dealing with the pox atm? How are you finding it?

matana Wed 08-May-13 12:34:47

Hi! DS is 2.5 and just had it - came out in spots a little over 2 weeks ago. The worst was that i didn't realise they could get spots around their bum - it was that which was most distressing for my DS. On the whole he had a fairly mild break out which didn't bother him too much, but at its peak there was a night when i was up to him every 2 hours trying desperately to console him and not knowing how. He kept saying "Mummy, bottom hurts - wipe it, cream please" before crying his little eyes out, bless him. So all i could do was change his night time nappies every couple of hours and the cool wipes and Sudocrem offered him some limited comfort for a short time. I also gave him Calpol which did seem to help. On the plus side, i've been amazed at how quickly the spots clear up after it has peaked. You can barely tell he's had it now! We made a game of 'joining the dots' with a little paintbrush dipped in calamine lotion which he loved. I've heard that a bicarbonate of soda bath really helps (didn't try it as my local shop didn't sell it and on the whole he wasn't too itchy). Do whatever takes his mind off it and don't feel guilty. Good luck - he'll be over it before you know it! It's the toddler's rite of passage smile

lazzaroo Wed 08-May-13 12:56:39

3 year old DD is just getting over the worst of it. Had about 2 days when it was at it's worse. Now just waiting for spots to scab so she can return to pre-school. She also suffered with high temp. Calpol as usual plus cool bath before bed helped. We added bicarbonate of soda to help with itching too. She also took piriton syrup.

She was pretty rubbish at having cream on but we were recommended poxclin mousse (boots) which she's been ok with. She's had them in all worse possible places....eyes, ears, hair and other unmentionables!

Hope your ds better quickly.

Prozacbear Wed 08-May-13 15:16:45

Thanks for your stories, good to know DS isn't the only one at the moment smile and glad yours are on the mend.

I didn't realise it would be all around his bottom either! It's actually worse there, I assume because it's a closed space with his nappy, so I'm giving him as much bare time as possible.

I think we are in the worst of it - DS is currently sleeping on the fluffy rug, having screamed for half an hour and then thrown himself there and falling asleep immediately. Quietitude at last.

doineedhelp Wed 08-May-13 20:16:32

Just had this with my ds, get some liquid piriton from the pharmacy, it soothes itching and helps them sleep, bloody amazing... plus bicarbonate of soda in Bath

MiaSparrow Wed 08-May-13 20:44:03

Hi, sorry to butt in - DD is nearly 27 months and hasn't had it yet. Anyone know the average age? And are they less likely to get it if, like DD, they don't go to nursery yet? Also, did you have stuff in in preparation? Thanks!

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