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18 month old refuses cows milk

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PippasLondon Wed 08-May-13 08:34:07

Sorry - wasn't sure if this should be under kids health. My toddler girl refuses all cows milk - has done since she was weaned at 15 months. I'm really worried about her calcium intake and wanted some advice from other mums. She eats petit filous yoghurts, maybe 3 a day (but not organic ones) and cheese, and I'm trying to give her a lot of broccoli and soy based stuff. But no cows milk or soy milk or goats milk - not on cereal or as a drink. She now refuses mac n cheese. She used to get v bad eczema when I drank milk and breast fed (cleared up as soon as I stopped drinking milk, in fact my mild eczema did also) so I do think she's perhaps wise to the fact milk doesn't suit her. BUT the calcium!!! Any advice gratefully received.

nextphase Wed 08-May-13 09:00:13

Sounds like she might be sensitive to milk, and so avoiding it.
You can get multi vits with minerals for preschoolers. Don't know if that happens for toddlers?
FWIW, its us Brits (Europeans?) who are obsessed with Milk. In my DH's native country, the kids grow fine with NO dairy.
Our kids are low ion the milk intake, but will drink a glass a day, and often have cereal.
3 yoghurts sounds a lot. Have you looked up the levels of dairy needed by toddlers to meet the rda for Ca?

CreatureRetorts Wed 08-May-13 13:48:49

Don't force it - why on earth would you do that given it could make her sick?

My two are dairy intolerant. I give them calcium enriched oat milk or coconut milks (no soya as it has similar effects). Ds has cheese and yogurts too. You don't need a huge amount of cheese to get the calcium - its about the size of a matchbox.

Other sources of calcium (not as much but it helps) include legumes (eg baked beans and hummus made from chickpeas), almond butter, sweet potato, dried apricots, kale, squash, peas, raw carrots.... Also tinned fish with soft bones are good - salmon is a good option. If you can get some of these foods in as well as her yoghurt and cheese then I think she'll be fine (we saw a dietician with DS).

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