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Holding in poo's

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ArgumentativeAardvark Sun 05-May-13 21:22:20

My DD is 21 months and whenever we spend the day out she holds in her poo all day and then poos in the bath when we get home.

She's normally fairly regular but the past 2 days in a row we've been out pretty much all day (visiting family etc) and she doesn't seem to want to go unless we are at home.

Is this normal? I'm not too worried about the mess, just concerned she's probably had stomach ache all day

SuedeEffectPochette Sun 05-May-13 22:52:28

I have had at least a couple of my children who liked to poo in the bath each evening.. Buy a potty and try and get her to sit on it in the bath (keep it shallow). Then you might get lucky and manage to train her early!

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